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Honey bees play a vital role in the health of our world's food supply. With recent stories of bee colony collapse, it is more important than ever that many new colonies are established throughout our country. Join Earl's efforts and order your honey bee packages today.

Each package contains three pounds of live bees, about 10,000 of them, and a fertile queen.

Earl's does not accept just any bee from any breeder. Our bees must be raised in the warm ocean breezes of the southeast states, must be from prime producers, and must be hardy enough for the novice to begin bee farming - and succeed at it. We made it. You can too!
Earl's Honey Bee colonies for sale on eBay!

Package bees will be available in several shipments this Spring. PICKUP ONLY in Roanoke, Indiana (near Ft. Wayne).

All bee crop will be in 3-pound packages, with fertile queen and travel syrup. Click here to order your package bees now!

Call Earl's today at (260) 415-8643 - ask for Cary